Spent some of my day reading the series “Earth Children”.  I’m also trying to figure out this blogging stuff.  I have been asked to review a book by Dave and Neta Jackson called Penny Wise from their Windy City Series.  More on that to come!  First off I will be trying to get everyone caught up on Neta Jackson and her books from 2 previous series and then look forward to my blog tour around July 21st on the book Penny Wise!  By then I hope to inspire others to read ALL of their books!!  There are other authors I have come to love as well and will be introducing some of you to them!  If you know of any good authors or books, please let me know.  I am always looking for another good book to read!


About Linda Uhls

I am a 59 year old woman who loves the Lord God with all my heart! At this time in my life it does not look anything like my teenage life thought it would, not even close! If not for Jesus I would not have made it this far. This blog site is where I want to share my heart. Maybe it will encourage jyst one person to put their trust in God and that will be worth everything I've gone through!
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  1. greenhouseme says:

    Helping others to understand the King James Version of the Bible is an idea.


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